General Roadmap

ETCDEV Team plans for 2017-2019, all protocol related details will be discussed with community


Short term goals
  • Platform stabilization
  • Tools for 3rd party developers
2-3 year goals
  • Scalability for large internet services and IoT
  • Keep it small enough for home users
  • Better security and encryption


  • New Monetary Policy (ECIP-1017)
  • Emerald Wallet
  • Dapp SDK (based on Emerald Project)
  • Standalone & embeddable EVM (with debugger for EVM code)


  • Light client for IoT and Mobile
  • Scalability improvement and sharding (towards to 1,000+ tx/sec)
  • Improve cryptography on EVM (for zero knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, etc)


  • Hybrid consensus research

Detailed Roadmap for current projects

Monetary Policy

ECIP-1017 - modified Monetary Supply to add cap to total coins


Discussion Agreed

Initial discussion of ECIP-1017 with the community


Geth architecture redesign Done

Prepare Geth to support different model of monetary supply, instead of current hardcoded one.


Implementation Done

Implement and test ECIP-1017 Monetary Policy in Geth code


Add Support to Parity Done

Implement and test ECIP-1017 Monetary Policy in Parity code


Testnet Done

Run new monetary policy on private testnet, then release to public testnet


Enable in mainnet Done

After we'll see that we don't have any issues on Testnet, we can configure and enable ECIP-1017 Monetary Policy for Mainnet. First change to Coin Issues will happen at block 5,000,000 which is expected at the end of 2017 year.

Emerald Platform

Reference Ethereum Classic wallet and a SDK for 3rd party developers


Development version Done

A MVP or proof of concept. Basic version suitable for developers to build and run on local machine


Internal Beta Done

Bundle for a desktop for testing


Public Beta Done

First public release of a desktop version


Polished version Done

UX/UI refactoring, professional design, installer, instructions and help


Release version In Progress

A version recommended for general use, with support of tokens and contracts


Contract Developer Suite

A desktop app built on top of SDK for Ethereum Classic contract developers (compile and deploy contracts, monitor state)


SDK for 3rd party developers

Release a SDK for 3rd party developers as a standalone set of tools to build full functional app. Provide Javascript UI components and libraries

Sputnik VM

A new EVM for Ethereum Classic


Initial version Done

As a standalone VM, and Rust lib. With socket api to communicate


Developer Server (testrpc) Done

Run a standalone EVM for contract development and testing, a TestRPC replacement


Debugging APIs In Progress

Ability to execute and get tracing/debugging details for arbitrary code against provided state


Geth Integration

Integrate into Classic Geth