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About Us

ETCDEV Team is an independent team of software engineers and professionals in software development, which works full time on core Ethereum Classic projects.

ETCDEV team maintains and develops Classic Geth, a main client for ETC blockchain. And also started few projects from scratch, such as Emerald Platform to help other teams to develop on ETC; Emerald Wallet for end users; and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.


Meet Our Team


Shane Jonas @shanejonas

Javascript Developer


Richard Schumann

Graphic Designer


Constantine Kryvomaz @bunda

Rust Developer


Isaac Ardis @ia

Go Developer


Yury @gagarin55

Javascript Developer


Igor Artamonov @splix

Founder & CTO


Darcy Reno @ddr

Program Manager


Tomasz Zdybał @tzdybal

Go Developer



Cody Burns @dontpanicburns


Elaine Ou @elaine


Roy Zou @royzou


Yates Randall @etherninja


Matthew Mazur @snaproll


Dr. Avtar Sehra @avtarsehra


ETCDEV Team does work on a set of core Ethereum Classic projects

Classic Geth

ETCDEV have been maintaining and improving Geth since the fork, and going to continue this work with focus on architecture modularization, performance improvements and making it more friendly for using in business environment. Classic Geth is a fork of ETH Geth but developed separately since October 2016, up to 50% of the current code is rewritten, replaced or removed

Emerald SDK

Toolkit to build applications running on Ethereum ETC, contains UI Components, Libraries for Javascript and Rust, Icons, Build tools, etc. Targeting various platforms, such as Desktop, Mobile, Web and even Shell Scripting.

Sputnik VM

Next generation of EVM developed by ETCDEV team. It's a separate embeddable EVM, compatible with different types of Ethereum blockchains, compatible with IoT. ETCDEV is going to work on further improvements, parallel execution, optimizations for different hardware architectures and Just-In-Time compilation for EVM bytecode.


New project for 2018, sidechain implementation as native part of ETC infrastructure and protocols as a way to add scalability and bring ETC to IoT


2017 recap and plans for 2018 02 Jan 2018

Before going to discuss plans for 2018 let’s recall what was done by ETCDEV team during year 2017. The main accomplishment was that the team was establish...

ETC Summit 2017 21 Nov 2017

Last week there was ETC Summit organized by ETC Cooperative in Hong Kong. Part of ETCDEV members was able to come, and that was actually first time w...

Testing ECIP-1017 New Monetary Policy 27 Sep 2017

This December Ethereum Classic will switch to a new monetary policy, which comes under ECIP-1017. It was actively discussed this past winter, and was accepte...

Intro to Emerald Project 17 May 2017

As many of our readers know, the ETCDEV team is working on the Emerald Project, which is going to be a platform for future decentralized applications (dapps)...

ETCDEV Team Principles and Vision 15 Mar 2017

Pragmatic approach Our main focus is on making Ethereum Classic a stable and usable technology. Opposite to move fast and break things. This means ensurin...

A Joint Statement on Ethereum Classic’s Monetary Policy 01 Mar 2017

The Ethereum Classic community has grown substantially since its inception in July of 2016. In order to further Ethereum Classic’s vision, the community need...

April Dev Update 11 Apr 2018

team Richard Schumann and Darcy Reno recently joined the team, as Graphic Designer and Program Manager, respectively. projects ethereumproject/go-ethe...

March 2nd Dev Update 02 Mar 2018

projects ethereumproject/go-ethereum released v5.0.0, which includes the consensus-critical protocol upgrade implementing ECIP-1041, the Difficulty Bomb De...

February 1st Dev Update 01 Feb 2018

projects ethereum-go released v4.2.0 and then v4.2.1, which brings a new console output which makes it much easier to monitor current status of Geth synchr...