Ethereum Classic
ETCDEV Team is an independent team of software engineers and professionals whom work full time on core Ethereum Classic projects.

ETCDEV team maintains Classic Geth, a main client for the ETC blockchain and has contributed original projects, such as; Emerald Platform, to help others develop on the ETC blockchain; Emerald Wallet for end users and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.

Decentralization and immutability must be the main principles of any public blockchain
ETCDEV believes in the principles of immutability and decentralization because they are the main value provided by a blockchain. Any blockchain without the guarantee of immutability would be competing with Amazon AWS, which is already much more user friendly and a thousand times cheaper. For this reason, ETCDEV is working hard towards protecting Ethereum Classic from the potential interference of any centralized authority, by working on open standards and avoiding any features or functionality that may be leveraged to achieve control of the blockchain by any single party or coordinated group

Our Projects
Classic Geth
ETCDEV Team has maintained Geth since the DAO fork, and continues to focus on architecture modularization, performance, and improvements making it more friendly in a business environment. Classic Geth is a fork of ETH Geth but developed separately since October 2016
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Emerald Framework
A software development kit to build desktop, mobile, web, and even, shell scripting applications running on the Ethereum ETC blockchain; Containing UI components, Javascript and Rust libraries, icons, build tools, etc.
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Emerald Wallet
A wallet focused on Ethereum Classic features build on Emerald Framework. It supports a full node (through Classic Geth), as well as a lightweight mode with public remote nodes
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SputnikVM is a standalone implementation of an Ethereum Virtual Machine. It aims to be an efficient, pluggable virtual machine for different Ethereum-based blockchains.
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ETCDEV is a team of passionate developers, with experience in Golang, Rust and Javascript. The whole team is distributed around the world.