An Ethereum Classic
Development Team
ETCDEV Team is an independent team of software engineers and professionals whom work full time on core Ethereum Classic projects.

ETCDEV team maintains Classic Geth, a main client for the ETC blockchain and has contributed original projects, such as; Emerald Platform, to help others develop on the ETC blockchain; Emerald Wallet for end users and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.

Who we are
Igor Artamonov
Founder & CTO
Constantine Kryvomaz
Rust & Go Developer
Isaac Ardis
Go Developer
Yury Gagarin
Javascript Developer
Tomasz ZdybaƂ
Go Developer
Shane Jonas
Javascript Developer
Richard Schumann
Graphic Designer
Darcy Reno
Program Manager
Stevan Lohja
Tech Writer
Zachary Belford
Javascript Developer
Brooke Evans
Human Resources
Mike Lubinets
Rust Developer
Donald McIntyre
Business Development
People who greatly help us to do our job
Avtar Sehra
Cody Burns
Elaine Ou
Matthew Mazur
Roy Zou
Yates Randall
Our projects
ETCDEV Team works on a set of core Ethereum Classic projects
Classic Geth
ETCDEV Team has maintained Geth since the DAO fork, and continues to focus on architecture modularization, performance, and improvements making it more friendly in a business enviorment. Classic Geth is a fork of ETH Geth but developed separately since October 2016. Up to 50% of the current code is rewritten, replaced, or removed!
Emerald Platform
A software development kit to build desktop, mobile, web, and even, shell scripting applications running on the Ethereum ETC blockchain; Containing UI components, Javascript and Rust libraries, icons, build tools, etc.

Next generation EVM developed by ETCDEV Team. A separate embeddable EVM compatible with other Ethereum based blockchains and IoT. ETCDEV Team continues to work on further improvements, parallel execution, optimizations for different hardware architectures, and Just-In-Time compilation for EVM bytecode.
New project for 2018; Sidechain implementation as native part of ETC infrastructure and protocols to add scalability bringing ETC to IoT.