We're always looking for talented engineers to join our small distributed team. We are looking for experienced developers who are comfortable to work in a non-profit company, open source projects, collaborate with other teams and most of all, be a constructive member of the community.
Current jobs
Currently open engineering position, for which we're actively looking people
Other jobs
We need help in other areas. We are not actively looking for people for following positions, but if you think you're perfect fit for a position below, please contact us
Test Engineer
Help us with testing infrastructure, to test every aspects (including network issues, attacks, performance and benchmarks, etc)
Product Manager
ETCDEV is looking for a tech savvy Product Manager to lead our product strategy, including end user products such as Wallet, and tools for 3rd party developers that are developed by ETCDEV
How to apply
Please include links to github/stackoverflow in addition to a cover letter and CV/Resume