ETCDEV Team is a non-profit organization supported by donations. All of the members are truly passionate about ethereum and want to make it best technology platform. Most of this people has more that 10 years of experience in different areas of software engineering, and understand how to build a technology that can be a strong foundation for other services.

ETCDEV Team is not providing consulting services and doesn't have any source of income, just focusing on build Ethereum Classic technologies on a full time basis. Because that's the most critical thing at the moment.

You can help the team by sending donation to addresses below.

You can also reach us by [email protected] (Igor Artamonov) and discuss other possible options of collaboration.

Addresses for general donations

ETC (Any Token/Coin)


BTC (Bitcoin)


Address for ETC marketing donations

Donations to that address are not going to be spend on development, but rather on general marketing activities for Ethereum Classic, such as meetups, events, PR and others. Following address is controlled and spent by ETC community members, not ETCDEV team