ETCDEV Team plans for 2018-2020
General Roadmap
Please be advised, the following plan is subject to change. This plan is preliminary and only reflects major steps. During the year, we can face unexpected challenges or do a pivot to a more optimal direction. Minor releases, maintenance, experimental and secret projects are not reflected below
Short term
Scalability through sidechains
IoT and Machine-to-Machine protocol
Help 3rd party developers to build apps on top of ETC
Long term
Better security and encryption
Interoperability with other blockchains
Decentralized Web
Goals by year
Remove Difficulty Bomb
Emerald Wallet for Mobile
Release Dapp SDK (Emerald Project)
Enable new opcodes from ETH (compatibility)
IPFS integration
SputnikVM optimizations and JIT Compilation
New improved statedb layer
Scalability improvement and sharding (towards to 1,000+ tx/sec)
Light client for IoT and Mobile
Interoperability with other blockchains
Improve cryptography on EVM (for zero knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, etc)
Hybrid consensus research
Mesh networks
Plans & expected major milestones for 2018
Emerald Wallet release
General Available release of Emerald Wallet, expected at May/June
Remote Difficulty Bomb
Planned at block 5,900,000 expected at 26 May 2018
Sidechain Prototype
It's long project and will consist of multiple phases, but first Proof-of-Concept demo is expected in May/June
Enable SputnikVM
Currently SputnikVM is an optional EVM, we're going to make it a default EVM in Geth
Enable ETH opcodes
ETH has introduced few new opcodes to EVM (EIP-140, EIP-214, EIP-211). All this opcodes are implemented in SputnikVM already, but need to be enabled in mainnet. It's a hard fork protocol upgrade
Improved StateDB
Refactor and reimplement StateDB with a modular and scalable architecture
IPFS support in Emerald
Emerald SDK
IoT compatibilily
Current roadmap represent our vision and order of major releases/milestones ETCDEV is going to make during year 2018. Unfortunately it's hard to predict exact dates for most of parts, but when it's possible we've added it into description. This roadmap is supposed to help to understand ETC direction and current focus, but it should be noted that there're many other tasks, such as code maintenance and urgent bugfixes, or experimental projects w/o expected outcome, therefore not included into the roadmap