We're always looking for talented engineers to join our small distributed team. We are looking for experienced developers, who are comfortable to work in open non-profit company, on open source project, together with community and other teams.

Current Jobs

Software Development Project Manager
Keep us on track
Senior Go Developer
Maintain and add features to Geth, a reference implementation of Ethereum Classic blockchain
Senior Rust Developer
Work on Emerald Platform (on backend for Dapps) and SputnikVM (a new Ethereum Virtual Machine).
Senior Javascript Developer
Implement a new JS Framework for building applications on top of Ethereum Classic (part of Emerald Platform)

Other jobs

We also need some help in other areas. We aren't considering this positions as a full time jobs at the moment, and actually we would like to see someone volunteering for ETCDEV and Ethereum Classic.

Test Engineer
We need a serious testing infrastructure, to test every aspects (including network issues, attacks, performance, etc)
Tech Writer
Ethereum Classic needs a good documentation for 3rd party developers; tutorials, articles, etc.
Data Scientist
There're two things to analyze: network and vm. We need to measure our network details; problems, bottlenecks, optimize, etc. And we need to analyze all internal stuff for EVM execution, find optimal numbers for gas cost, ect.
EF fanboys have been threatening us from the beginning. We need someone to get consultation, just in case.

Contact Us

If it's something interesting to you, please contract Igor Artamonov ( [email protected])