About our team
ETCDEV was formed as an independent team working on core and protocol level projects of Ethereum Classic blockchain. ETCDEV team developers are passionate developer which work full time on these projects, the whole team is fully distributed with other developers located in North America, Europe and Asia.
What we're doing
ETCDEV team started a new project called Emerald Project, which is designed to be a base platform to build apps on top of Ethereum Classic. It can be a mobile app, desktop app, or browser-based apps and sites. It consists of several layers, to connect to a RPC, to sign transactions, and to provide a user UI. Last part is written in Javascript, and can be embedded into other apps and websites. As a main product, we build Emerald Wallet, which is an official ETC wallet and a reference application build on top of Emerald Platform
What we're looking for
We are looking for a person to work on Ethereum Classic official wallet, and on a JS SDK for third party developers who wants to add support for Ethereum Classic into their apps.

We need a person who can make architectural decisions, who can understand what is the most flexible way to implement JS SDK, and is able set goals and priorities.
  • More than 5 years of experience with Javascript
  • Experience of building and maintaining open source Javascript libraries
  • Experience with React, Webpack, HTML and SCSS
  • Familiar with Git and Linux
  • Proficient with spoken/written English, excellent communications skills
  • Good practices documenting, writing and maintaining clean code
  • Track record of Open Source contributions
  • Experience of building distributed applications
  • Self motivated, can take initiative and feel comfortable both working alone and part of a team
Technology stack
  • Modern Javascript (ES6, Babel, etc)
  • React, Redux, ImmutableJS
  • Material UI
  • Rust on backend (crypto, connection, etc)
  • Lead development of Emerald Project, an SDK for Dapps and Wallets
  • Development of a reference wallet for Ethereum Classic
  • Provide Javascript libraries and UI components for 3rd party developers
  • Provide examples, documentations, support wide community of developers, participate in conferences and meetups
Join us
It's a great chance to show your professionalism, learn something new and take part of the next technology revolution. It's invaluable experience you'll want to write about in your blog, speak on a tech conference and tell your fellow colleagues. We give you flexibility and the opportunity to work remotely.

Please send us your full CV and cover letter (please include links to Github and StackOverflow accounts) to [email protected]
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