About our team

Ethereum Classic is an independent community driven blockchain continued after EF (a foundation originally started Ethereum blockchain) moved to a separate fork by introducing censoring transactions into their blockchain. Ethereum Classic community opposed that fork and kept original chain because it believes in Blockchain Immutability.

ETCDEV was formed as an independent team working on core and protocol level projects of Ethereum Classic blockchain. ETCDEV team developers are passionate developer which work full time on these projects.

How We Work

  • Remote Teamwork: ETC has a community based worldwide, and collaboration - with these international members is crucial
  • Communicating Tools: The global team collaborates over a Keybase and public Discord chat, all documentation and code is shared on dedicated Github pages
  • Communication with Wider Community: We keep in touch with the global community, outside the core dev, who are working hard to further the cause of open, neutral and immutable blockchain tech. This includes marketers, economists, developers and financial services professionals
  • Consistent Building and Testing: ETC focus is focused on developing well thought out infrastructure that has security and stability at its foundation, as we are aiming to build the future of the internet

We need a project manager to help us:

  • Focus on priority things and be always on fast track to our goals
  • Help team to communicate and get answers on ongoing projects
  • Work closely with community and answer their questions about our current progress
  • Organize work of people from different timezones, with 3rd party outsources (design, testing) and community developers (don't forget we're open source)

What we're looking for:

  • 3+ years of experience as a Project Manager
  • Understanding of Kanban and Scrum
  • Understanding of software engineering processes
  • Ability to communicate to developers and to non-technical people
  • Deep familiarity with blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic
  • Experience working in distributed and remote teams

Join Us

It’s a great chance to show your professionalism, learn something new and take part of the next technology revolution. It’s invaluable experience you’ll want to write about in your blog, speak on a tech conference and tell your fellow colleagues. We give you flexibility and the opportunity to work remotely.

Please send us your full CV and cover letter (AND for tech vacancies please include links to Github and StackOverflow accounts) to [email protected]