Last Dev Update was at end of May, but it doesn’t mean we stopped the work. Quite opposite, we were too busy on Geth, on Emerald project and on SputnikVM. Making a Dev Update requires time, at least one hour per week taken from development time, and it’s not the thing we can afford right now. We understand that informing our users about the progress is important job, so we’re going to continue publishing such reports, just once a month or two instead of weekly updates. Until we’ll become big enough to have a dedicated person for this kind of communication.

Short list of ETCDEV Team progress for past 2 months:

Emerald Wallet is our new project, and it just reached first Beta version. We expect more beta releases before Release Candidate of the wallet. We still don’t have any JS developer in our team who will work full time on the project, and a lot of the work was done by community volunteers. Huge thanks to @elaineo and @gagarin55.

We expect that a JS developer will join our team this week, on a full time basis, but we still looking for more developers who would be interested to join (see job info). Want to notice that all of our current developers started as community volunteers and we’re happy to have them in our team.