The team

We are very glad to welcome Javascript developer Yury (@gagarin55). Yury has a broad and diverse background in blockchain technology and applications, and has been a longtime steady and vital force in the ETC community. He’s wasted no time in providing a myriad of firm, yet gentle, refactorings, fixes, and new features for Emerald Wallet.

In addition to @gagarin55 we got Alexey @sudachen, who has joined just today. He has been working in software development industry for more than 20 years. He has a huge experience in Virtual Machines and Virtualization, Cybersecurity and Antivirus tools, etc. He is going to work on our Geth, SputnikVM and Emerald project.

The projects


Implemented ECIP-1017 monetary policy protocol changes in the 4.0.0 release. We spent a lot of time on testing new Monetary Policy, even created a special tool that allows us and a anyone else to run a simulation of the new Monetary Policy (with a real Geth and Parity nodes of course) and check that it’s working by yourself. More about this tool and the process how we were testing it in one of the following articles. If you use Geth, please upgrade!

We were also working on other features and improvements, including establishing a machine-logging system (as yet unreleased) for use with log parsers/+analysis, e.g. Filebeat/Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana. Please keep in mind that we’re still working on improving monitoring and logging, and there will be a separate release focused on this features as soon as we’ll finalize the format and instruments.

The latest stable releases can always be found on the Github Release page, and change details can be found in the changelog


  • Created SputnikVM-Dev, an interactive environment using SputnikVM and etcommon to enable development and testing on SputnikVM via RPC. Just look at all those supported methods!

  • For bonus points, @sorpaas also built a minimalist (but fully functioning!) client with Sputnik and etcommon called etclient.

Emerald Wallet

  • A second beta release v0.5.0-beta2 of Emerald Wallet was released last week, including features, improvements, and fixes relating to key import/export, hardware support, and UI improvements.

  • Extracted reusable Javascript components to a new package emerald-js.

Emerald Vault + CLI

  • Refactored Emerald Vault into two packages: Emerald Vault now contains the Emerald business and security logic, and Emerald CLI now contains the user-facing CLI application connected with Vault. This separation of concerns should pave the way for smoother future-feature implementations and core and Dapp developer experiences.


Several new proposals have been added, including

  • designs for a stealth account schema

  • a fallback plan for Difficulty Bomb Diffusion

  • a recursive length prefix (RLP) media type for streamlining HTTP responses

  • changes relating to the GHOST protocol for using uncles in total difficulty calculation

  • options for increasing address and transaction readability

  • an outline for beginning discussions around sidechains

As usual, all proposals associated discussions can be found in the ECIPs Github repository. Please participate in discussions, on Github or on Gitter chat for ECIPs