ethereum-go released v4.2.0 and then v4.2.1, which brings a new console output which makes it much easier to monitor current status of Geth synchronization status. Now you can track the process of peer discovery, initial sync and how geth is catching new blocks at this moment.

emerald-cli released v0.20.0, which includes upgraded emerald-rs version and stabilizes the formatter.

emerald-rs also released v0.20.0, including using a forked-and-improved rust RocksDB database, refactorings, and improving CI management.

go-ethereum has implemented a performance profiling option --pprof, fixed a few bugs, including one impacting resolver support on certain Linux distributions and another causing SputnikVM to fork on Morden network, and changed CI providers.

sputnikvm has implemented many EIP features as optional patches enabling support for the Foundation chain and possible Byzantium fork.


  • ECIP-1041 is still at the top of the TODO list, please feel welcome to add your input. The deadline for taking action is approaching.

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for their ongoing contributions.

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