emerald-wallet addressed some issues found with RC1, including an initialization error, as well as various UI improvements.

Reusable visual components from emerald-wallet have been moved to emerald-js-ui.

emerald-js, a young library of SDK-ish wallet logic, version is now at v0.0.21.

emerald-cli released v0.19.0, which fixes an HD path parsing bug.

emerald-rs released v0.19.0, including a public mnemomic module, an HD path parsing fix, and a few various minor upgrades.

go-ethereum released v4.2.0 including experimental support for SputnikVM, on-filesystem debug logging with automatic and configurable log compression and rotation, a rebuilt simpler UI, and support for user-configurable GOMAXPROCS environment variable.

sputnikvm got some initial performance profiling and refactoring.

etcommon-rs implemented basic pruning and garbage collection support.

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for so many creative, thoughtful, and ongoing contributions.

Isaac - Github: @whilei - Slack: @ia