The team

We’re thrilled to welcome three (count 'em, three!) new developers to the team.

In September Alexey joined us as a Go developer and security specialist. Hailing from Chile, with a big laugh and smile, Alexey dove right in to a major reengineering project around geth’s EVM interface…​ changes which will likely make their debut early next year.

The first of the two joining us this month of October is Tomasz. From Poland, Tomasz has (also! woohooo!) joined the ranks as a Go developer, with a strong background in database infrastructure and distributed systems. His initial work with the team has centered around improving geth’s database robustness and stability. He rarely says more than is necessary and asks a lot of questions, and I like this about him.

Finally, and last but not least, we’re glad to welcome Shane to the Javascript side of things. Shane lives on a small island in Canada. I’ve been trying to think of a tasteful, yet snarky, little jib jab to throw in about his being Canadian, but I can’t…​ it just wouldn’t be polite ;) He comes from years spent in mobile JS and game development (among other things), and has already begun to take big bites on Emerald Wallet.

And as always — and I’m going to say this everytime…​ brace yourself :) — we are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for so many creative, thoughtful, and ongoing contributions. I’m not going to embarass myself by listing too few deserving names. Thank you all.

The projects


  • Release Geth 4.1.0, including a set of features, fixes, and refactorings to improve client stability and data recoverability, a new machine-logging feature mlog to enable log analysis for programs like Kibana, an improved dump feature, a new command api to simplify RPC calls for scripting, and on-the-fly verbosity adjustments for the JS console. As usual, change specifics can be found in the changelog.


Emerald Wallet

  • A v0.6.0 Beta 3 Release includes ERC20 token support, account hiding, and a remote Morden endpoint, among a few other bug fixes around Ledger support, and refactorings to emerald-js.

Emerald Vault + CLI

  • Emerald Vault got one new release 0.13.0, adding support for contract storage (as well as a few minor bug fixes), and it’s CLI wrapper Emerald CLI got two new releases, adding a balance command, verbosities for server logging, and, as always ;) fixing bugs related to hardware support, Windows, and smoother integration with Wallet.

Until next month,

Isaac - Github: @whilei - Slack: @ia