• (+1) one more developer joined the team, Constantine Kryvomaz @bunda

  • (SputnikVM) Further improvements of command execution

  • (SputnikVM) Support for storage, blockchain and other externals

  • (SputnikVM) Initial support for integration SputnikVM through FFI (Foreign Function Interface)

  • (SputnikVM) Smart Contract execution debugger

  • (Emerald) Huge refactoring after initial version of Connector

  • (Emerald) Faster and more secure RPC through Electron

  • (Emerald) Improved Gas Estimation

  • (Emerald) Initial code for Address Book

ETCDEV Team has been working closely with the Ethereum Classic community, and wants to direct attention to the fact that part of the progress mentioned above was made by community members. We want to say special thanks to community members who also contributed this week:

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