Last week there was ETC Summit organized by ETC Cooperative in Hong Kong. Part of ETCDEV members was able to come, and that was actually first time when ETCDEV developers have met each other IRL.

We were surprised how many people came to that event, from many countries. From China and Hong Kong obviously, as well as people from Japan, Korea, US, UK, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, and other countries. Even an Italian guy from North Korea (just don't ask).


We learned a lot from our users, made many new connections and plans for the next year. That was a significant step for ETC and I hope we'll see results of it soon.


There're you can watch presentations made by Isaac Ardis and Igor Artamonov from ETCDEV:

But if you've missed the event, we suggest you to watch all presentations at, many interesting things were discussed

Donations spending

Visiting that event wouldn't be possible without support from ETC community. We decided to spend small part of donations to cover our travel costs. For some of us it was a 35 hour long trip, for others just a quick ferry ride. Plus additional costs such as hotel (thanks to ETC Coop for covering most of our stay) and other small stuff. We also helped our advisors to come to the event. Total was $9400 spent from ETCDEV donations fund. Thanks for all of you who helped us to make it happen.