Building infrastructure for the
Post-Fiat World
ETCDEV is a former Ethereum Classic development team.

ETCDEV is an abbreviation for Emerald The Crystal Developers. You can see Emerald The Crystal on the right, he is our mascot.

Currently the team is working on original blockchain-agnostic projects, such as Emerald to help others develop blockchain applications, Emerald Wallet for end users, and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.

What we do
ETCDEV develops and implements blockchain to transform businesses to adapt new technologies. We are passionate blockchain and distributed system developers with years of experience
Blockchain Development
We have experience working with low level protocol development, security, cryptography, virtual machines and distributed systems
Blockchain Integration
Helping business to learn how blockchain technologies can be applied to their industry, what are the risks, optimal strategy, architecture and technology stack
System Audit
Review of an existing or planned software architecture and design, define and help to address security, scaling and costs risks for blockchain systems
Extensive experience building for Ethereum based blockchains, including ETH, ETC and private networks; experience with Bitcoin, Grin and other blockchains as well
Our Projects
Emerald Wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet focused on Ethereum (ETH, ETC, ERC-20). It supports a full node provided by a user, as well as a lightweight mode
Emerald Wallet Homepage

Leading blockchain explorer for Ethereum Classic.
It provides all standard functionality, such as block/transactions details, internal operations/transfers during a smart contract call, supports ERC-20 tokens, contract validation and so on. Besides that it shows statistics about the blockchain, such as mining distribution, network hashrate and current nodes distribution, by application and by versions.
Emerald Platform
Emerald is a platform for developers who already build web and mobile apps, to easily learn and build decentralized apps (dapps) that run on the Ethereum blockchain. It includes a software development kit to build desktop, mobile, web, and even shell scripting applications; containing UI components, Javascript and Rust libraries, icons, build tools, and more.
Open on Github
SputnikVM is a standalone implementation of an Ethereum Virtual Machine. It aims to be an efficient, pluggable virtual machine for different Ethereum-based blockchains.
Open on Github
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